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Industrial Equipment

Original technology to realize quality improvement, the efficiency in the production process.

Compact, high-speed and highly precise automation equipment, as well as truly distinctive and original visual inspection equipment. Technology which originates from wristwatch movement precision assembly is used to achieve such benefits as manpower savings, productivity improvement and product quality which is consistent worldwide.
At Ricoh Elemex, we capitalize on the advanced industrial technology, assembly technology, IT systems technology and other technological strengths that we have cultivated through the manufacture of OA equipment to provide contract design and manufacturing services that contribute value to new domains.

[Automation Equipment]

image: Automatic Assembling Line for watchesAutomatic Assembling Line
for watches
image: Multipurpose RobotAutomation equipment

[Visual Inspection systems]

image: Automatic Assembling Line for watchesVisual Inspection systems
image: Multipurpose RobotVisual Inspection systems

[Contract Design and Manufacturing Services]

image: Automatic Assembling Line for watchesContract Design and Manufacturing Services