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Can be charged from Wall Socket at your home

After Full Charge(Takes about 36 hours), watch will run for a year(12 months). For instance, watch is charged for one night(8 hours), 3 months amount of electricity will be charged. Even Watch run out of the battery, it is required to charge 5-10 minutes for one day working.

Electromagnetic Induction System

Charge the electricity without any phisical contacts, such as cable between watch and charger. Just put the watch on the powered charger, charging will start. Because No phisical contact is required, high water resistance is assured, such as 10 ATM(330 feet) to 20 ATM(660 feet) water resistance.

Battery Low Warning Indicator

When the Battery level is low, the second hand will step every 2 seconds.
In this case, electricity in the secondary battery may run out in 48 hours.

Battery Extremely Low Warning Indicator

Moreover, when the Battery level is extremely low, the second hand will sted every 4 seconds.
In this case, electricity in the secondary battery may run out in 0.5 hours.

Over-charge Prevention System

When the watch would be fully charged, "Overcharge Prevention System" go into operation to protect the Secondary Battery. So even watch would be charged everyday, it will not damage the watch and battery.(Lithium ION Secondary Battery used)